a thursday night when friday morning isn't a

Taylor said something today that I liked.
We were talking about cancer and how we didn't know how we'd handle or know how to feel if we were to find out we had it..it pertained to the subject, it wasn't just random. And he said:
I just don't know how it'd make me feel having something inside me that I knew wasn't supposed to be there.

and blue eyes
you're the sweet to my need
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Ben: www.getyourwaron.com
-just to clarify, the creator of get your war on (the comic strip) came to town..
Darby: did you go?
Ben: THE
-...ok, what? Ben just being an asshole. I'm unimpressed. Usually if he's an asshole it at least fits into the context of the conversation.
Ben: yes i did
Ben: he is awesome
Darby: ...
Darby: what the hell
-my responce to him being dumb.
Ben: and then i went to dinner with him and his people
Darby: how'd that occur?
Ben: i was talking with them after
Ben: and they were going to las margaritas
Darby: was it the creators of the strip?
Ben: it's one guy
Ben: dude
Darby: that's really awesome
Darby: he's awesome
Darby: i read them a lot
Darby: i just didn't take notice to who did them
Ben: oh yeah cause you get rolling stone
-it's just assumed that this comment was said with sarcasm even though under normal circumstances this wouldn't be an offensive comment.
Darby: yeah, haha, is that bad or something?
Ben: yeah
Ben: he was making fun of the rolling stone readers
-ok, cool Ben! Way to form your own opinions! Since he was making fun of Rolling Stone readers I guess I'm just a fucking loser. Thanks for informing me on my comformity to society.
Darby: ok, well, i suck then
Darby: whatever
Ben: hahaha
Darby: but it's a good strip
Ben: yyou could just get the satellite
Ben: which is free
-wow! the hip Satelite underground newspaper of Gainesville. Thanks for telling me what it is..where would i be without you?
Darby: i read that too
Darby: i wish i'd known about it
Ben: yeah but then it would have been awkward seeing you there
-Ben...asshole..am I leaving anything out?
Darby: why?
Ben: oh
Ben: i dont know
Darby: ..ok
Ben: how come you read rolling stone
Darby: some of the articles are interesting
Ben: like avril lavigne
-how can you know me for 5 years and say something like that? Like Avril Lavigne..hah. Stereotype me as liking Avril Lavigne because I read Rolling Stone. Totally intelligent of you.
Darby: no, not like avril fucking lavigne
Ben: this underground publication covers some of the hot new upcoming artists
Ben: people doing really wonderful things that you'll hear about once they finally surface on the scene
-how unconventional Ben is. I love how he has opinions on fucking everything. I'm so offended by his commentary. My unique soul is wounded.
Darby: ok
Darby: i really don't feel strongly about rolling stone so i'm not going to argue this with you
-I don't.
Ben: that's ok, it's only mone
Darby: some of the articles are interesting. they mention cds coming out, books coming out, that i may not have heard about yet
Darby: they give reviews i like to read because i like to hear about what people think and whether or not i agree
Darby: some of the articles are interesting
Darby: and i stress some
Darby: there are some articles on politics that are interesting
Darby: i don't read it cover to cover
-why am i explaining this to him like it matters or like he'd actually listen EVER.
Ben: dude
Ben: it's called the internet
-thanks Ben! the internet, why didn't i think of that?
Darby: why does it matter?
Ben: it's a waste of money that could be supporting something else
Darby: i'm sure you waste money all the time that could be supporting something else
Ben: yeah but it's not rolling stone
Darby: what a good point you have
Ben: thanks
Darby: any time
Ben: Benjamin Westermann-Clark: would you say rolling stone magazine sucksMatman2270: but it keeps our fingers on the pulseMatman2270: us hip, young americans
Darby: i'm assuming he's being sarcastic
Ben: um yes
Darby: why do i care?
Ben: did you learn that in rolling stone
-he's so clever.
Ddreams987: i don't read it to stay hip and cool
Darby: i don't even understand why we're having this conversation
Darby: i don't even get rolling stone
Darby: i just read it whenever there's an interesting issue
Ben: they've gone from a magazine that explored music and talked about all kinds of diversity to a whore of the record companies, putting whoever the fuck on the cover
-...why does he think I'm fucking retarded?
Darby: yeah
Darby: i agree
Ben: and trying to have hip funny articles like maxim type shit
Darby: so..
Darby: yes, that's true
Darby: i agree...like i said
Darby: i feel the same way
Darby: but when there just happens to be articles inside that look appealing
Darby: i buy it
Darby: ...
Darby: there's not much more to say
Ben: i would much rather you spent the money you spend on that shit on dinner with me
Ben: it would be more entertaining
-fuckingassholefuckingassholefuckingasshole..anyone who has enough money to spend on two laptops for themselves has enough to buy them dinner?
Darby: it's doubtful
Ben: why
Ben: much better than the 12 minutes of lukewarm satisfaction derived from some rehashed liberal rolling stone shit
-who is he having the rolling stone argument with? seriously.
Darby: if you're trying to offend me or something
Darby: i don't care...like i've said like 5 times now
Darby: i have no passion or attachment to rolling stone
Darby: i don't think it's a great magazine
Ben: well i'm saying that spend the money on me it would be much more fun
Darby: why? how would that be fun?
Ben: being with me?
Darby: paying to be with you?
Ben: it's the kind gesture of buying me dinner
Darby: which i would do because why?
Ben: for the pleasure of my company
Darby: which i could have with you buying your own dinner since you have money

ok, this is pointless. i just want to punch him in the face sometimes and this is how i prevent that from occuring.
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Sometimes, in brief moments, between it all, you say these things and I fall in love with you. Completely and totally in love with you. Where nothing else exists. In all reality, not even you really exist, just your words and that fact that you said them. Briefly. And then it quickly all goes away because you can't fall in love with someone over a sentence or two of beautiful.

you say,
you're only as beautiful as you want to be.
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It pisses me off that the actors on Friends make more money PER EPISODE than our president does in a year.
Not that I'm partciuarly fond of our president as of late, but none-the-less.

Fall is in the air. It excites me.

poem from a while ago

She stumbles
Always nervous
Never sleeps
She whispers how she's sorry
She's been whispering for weeks

Lips always chapped
Long hair at all times down
She's uncomfortably awkward
Whenever he's around.

You think you know, and you probably do.

It has been a very very very long day.

I'm watching Six Feet Under. This is a great show. Apparently Ben Foster is on it now. For all of you who don't know who Ben Foster is, he played Tucker on Fast Forward. Fast Forward was actually a pretty decent show for what it was. Anyway, Ben Foster was talking to some girl..the girl who has sex with Seth Green in Can't Hardly Wait. I don't know the actoress's name. Anyway, they're talking about some guy she likes, and Ben seems to have a fondness of her while she's talking about him. Maybe he likes her, I don't know, I've missed several episodes. She's talking about how this guy makes her feel and Ben *Tucker* says something like "Maybe it's good to have someone who can makes us hate ourselves less." Not overly significant but it stood out to me.

I'm so very very tired right now. Today we had some Norman Referrence test..or something and Caitlin and I were talking after we'd taken it in third period and she says something like:
"I was really stressed about this test. I knew I wasn't going to have enough time to finish the math section because they never give us enough time to do it, but then in the car today when I was driving to school My Generation by The Who came on and I got totally pumped up and optimistic and knew I could do anything I put my mind to and then I came to first period and I still didn't have enough time to finish."
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I hate how people on dating shows, or anything when people talk about what they like to do and they say something like "I like to have fun, and be around my friends.." Who doesn't like to have fun and be around their friends?

The other day I was at my locker and there were like 5 black girls next to me saying how much they hate white people. I can honestly say I wasn't really offended because I think most people suck anyway. But what the hell? I mean, if I were to stand in the hallway with my fellow white friends and talk about how much I "hate black people" which I don't, but just go with it, my ass would be kicked. I probably wouldn't be here writing this entry right now.
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"you're like the coolest thing since sliced cheese, and you know it."-Ang

Ang is fucking awesome.

AngAlwayz: ok, goodnight and think of everything, like how big the whole world is, and the insignificance of shit, and how lucky we are to be living, none the less living like we do
Ddreams987: hey, I love you. Sincerely.
Ddreams987: thank you.
AngAlwayz: and if all else fails... kevin smith and brad pitt are waiting on your shelf
AngAlwayz: ditto, seriously

Thank you, Angelina. I admire you for sticking by me through my boy band phase, and will always remember late night channel surfing with Jessica and Donnie, the concert at Market Street Pub, our random incidents around Gainesville, and everything else there is to come. I bow down to you.

Darby has left the building.
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Melanie's profile:
"Throw it all away in the course of one day, why can't you just go outside? Breathe in. Exhale. You know you taste like cancer" - Hot Rod Circuit
Ddreams987: Hanson is the best
Ddreams987: I don't care what anyone says
Ddreams987: I'm going to break out my hanson shirt one day and wear it.
Someone tell me, who is this Ddreams987 person? Does she have any friends?

Darby's Thought(s)of The Day: If a random black guy stops by your house, claims he's selling something and asks if your parents are home, close the door, and don't get him any water.
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Ddreams987: hey
Ddreams987: you know how like...sometimes everything is just great...and everything pieces itself together, and you feel like you have the greatest friends...and you just smile because you're not stressed out over anything..and you just feel..free..
Ddreams987: because I get that a lot..
Ddreams987: just not recently
Ddreams987: I mean, I'll be happy for a short amount of time..but it never stays long enough
Ddreams987: and I like being happy..because I hate complaining and talking about myself
Ddreams987: I think it's extremely unattractive.
Ddreams987: but I do it anyway because of how I feel and I don't really know what to do
Ddreams987: and I feel like...the world is just this horrible place, which it isn't...at all
Ddreams987: and I don't even have a right to bitch about anything
Ddreams987: because my life isn't bad at all really.
Ddreams987: so, I feel bad about feeling bad in the first place..
Ddreams987: and I know you don't want to listen to me..
Ddreams987: anyway
Ddreams987: what are you guys doing tonight?
Ddreams987: you're probably not even online..
Ddreams987: and I'm just talking to your sn because you signed off like 10 minutes ago..
Ddreams987: and they never sign off the sn's accordingly
BeasticusTypeR signed off at 10:35:58 PM.
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